Tuesday, July 26, 2016

~ Chapter 1 - The Arrival ~

I arrived in Perth, Australia on the evening of the 22nd of July. Right away, we were busy, going around to visit people, places and things, playing games, meeting people and moving in. Here, it is surprisingly cold in the mornings and warm during the days, and people are really nice! 

We started off with a scavenger hunt around the campus, that stretched all the way through King’s Park - the biggest park in Perth, one of the biggest parks in the world! Honestly, it feels more like you’re out in the Australian bush than in a city! We did this scavenger hunt in a group of 9 people, and we called ourselves ‘The Fellowship” (Yep! Lord of the Rings reference, and my idea! ^^ )

At the end of the scavenger hunt, we ended up by the river / bay, which was actually a tiny little beach overlooking the water. 

And in the water, there were thousands of shells like these! I just had to put my hand in the sand and I got all of these in one try! Apparently there’s also many dolphins in the bay, which would be so amazing to see! 

The campus itself is really incredible! There’s probably over a hundred buildings, all with different names, purposes and styles, and are all super photogenic! This is actually more of a historic monument than a part of the university, but there are a few admin offices inside. 

More campus pictures! 

So the other day, I got lost on my way to one of the activities... I walked around for about an hour, finding a bunch of hidden gems...

As well as the science campus! 

We’re going to have a whole campus to ourselves! There’s a bunch of modern-looking buildings, with classrooms, labs, and the Catalyst Cafe! Just the name is great! :)

The river/bay area is maybe a five-minute walk from the campus, and is beautiful! Here’s some pictures! It’s so nice to live by the water! 

On a final note for today’s post, I discovered that Australia has some of the most amazing flora and fauna! (Plants and animals). We have flowers like this - and even prettier - all around campus! We also have a few peacocks and crows that make a really strange, sheep-like sound. I think that the coolest animal we have here is some kind of parrots. (Not parrots, but in that family). They’re super colorful and sing surprisingly nicely!

That’s it for my first few days! Soon I’ll add some photos of two more recent days, during which events such as city tours, campus pictures and more! 

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