Monday, August 22, 2016

~ Chapter Four - Exploring the Wilderness ~


I’m back with a fresh batch of pictures for all of you! I visited some amazing places over the weekend, and although the pictures are definitely nice, they could never totally match up with what I saw!

This week I have officially been in Perth for a month! I can hardly believe it, I only have three more months to go! This is, again, the bay by the campus.

I finally managed to get a picture of the rainbow-parrots we have on campus! They’re so colorful, I wasn’t expecting to see parrots here! Actually, now that I think about it, I haven’t seen any pigeons in the area...  It’s almost like being in the tropics!

This week, the campus is having a Save the Children book sale! Basically, there’s a whole room full of second-had books at super cheap prices. All money made goes to charity! Charity + Books = I’m so there! In the end I got 10 books for almost nothing. Sending them back home may be difficult, so I’m planning on giving them away again when I’m done with them!

On Saturday, I went on my first school-organised field trip! We went on a hike up Mt. Cooke, through the Australian Bush. It was such a nice day! Even though it rained a few times, for a few minutes, it was perfect hiking weather.

This is the first part of the trail, a huge rock with lakes on top of it...

... like this one! There were a bunch of tiny tadpoles, and the water was incredibly clear! The whole area is actually a freshwater catchment area - somewhere protected so that they can take the water to use as drinking water eventually.

Although the trail was somewhat in the middle of nowhere, it gave us a really great idea of what the bush is like! It’s really how I imagined Australia before coming here. In total, the hike was 22 kilometers (13.7 miles)! One of my friends and I took a wrong turn, but we quickly found our group agian.

Another picture of the lake on top of the rock, once it was sunny again!

On Sunday, we had another road trip! We started by going to the Pinnacles Desert. It’s basically a huge sandy area near the sea (really, the sea was maybe 3-5 miles away) with limestone spikes everywhere. Scientists are still trying to figure out why whey are there, but one thing’s for sure, they’re really amazing!

Some of the taller pinnacles - These were all taller than me!  And they’re everywhere!

After the pinnacles desert, we went to Lancelin, a coastal town on the Indian Ocean. I love the sea here, it’s super blue and quite warm, even in the winter!

Finally, on that same Sunday, we went to Yanchep National Park. We were meant to see Koalas but they were all sleeping high in the trees. The area was awesome, though!

At the national park, we saw dozens of kangaroos! They’re really everywhere here, I was not expecting it at all!

This is a video I took of the Iodine Clock Reaction that we analyzed in my chemistry class on Monday. I love how it just switches from colorless to blue in the blink of an eye!

If you look at what I posted last time, there is a picture of Winthrop Hall with Mars and Saturn above it. Last night, the two planets were incredibly bright, so bright that I was actually able to take a picture of them that turned out fairly clear! Mars has been moving very quickly in the sky compared to the Antares and Saturn... ‘Caro's Triangle' is a triangle no more!

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