Monday, August 1, 2016

~ Chapter Two - Meeting Kangaroos ~

A week has passed since my last blog post, and I have constantly been busy with uni-organised activities!

This is all of the first year and exchange students! I can’t believe how many people there are, UCM usually lets in 200-250 people a year! I’m somewhere all the way on the left, with the science people.

Perth city is a city like I’ve never seen before! I’ve never lived in a big city, with skyscrapers and busy streets, so this is new to me. The city itself is on Swan Bay, and is about 20 minutes by bus to the coast.

During an organized city tour, it was quite easy to say that the city itself is really new. There are large, modern buildings throughout most of the city. Funny thing is, the city is scattered with buildings that are meant to look old, but that are obviously pretty new. And unlike in Europe, there’s no ‘old’ quarter of town - it’s all new, with random old-like buildings scattered here and there.

This little house is actually right next to our campus, at maybe a 5 minute walk! It’s known (to us at least) as the ‘Blue House’. It is an abandoned house, on the water, where everyone likes to take pictures! Getting it isolated is fairly complicated - we had to wait in line to take pictures by the house!

Later that day (on the day we saw the blue house), we went to an island in the river known as Harrison Island. It has a family of semi-wild kangaroos living on it, that aren’t afraid of people! We took pictures with them, and they didn’t run away. While we were leaving the island, it started raining a bit, and I was able to capture this picture right before leaving!

We had a day where we visited our faculties - this is the science building! It looks so amazing, and I can’t wait to start my labwork here!

However, the faculty did want us to try out juggling, to figure out which learning method was the best for us. Let’s just say it didn’t work out very well... ^-^  But it was fun!

One evening, with the campus, we went around to several cafes, including one that specialized in hot chocolate and churros! This dark-mint-hot-chocolate was amazing!!!

My friends and I also took the afternoon to go the Freemantle (‘Freo’) indoor market. This is only the food area, but there’s a whole other section with souvenirs and other gadgets from all over the world. It is a port city, so it is quite big on international trade - there were stalls from so many different countries!

One evening, we all went on a ‘haunted’ prison tour. This I didn’t like as much... the tour guide would tell us awful real-life stories, right before someone would come up and scare us. It just all felt too real. But it was interesting anyway, and I do not regret having gone!

Kangaroos!!! They’re actually super fluffy!

That’s it for this week! Well, we did also go to the zoo, but my pictures from there are quite blurry for some reason.

Oh! And I got the latest Harry Potter book! Super excited about it!

I hope you have a great day!

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