Wednesday, September 28, 2016

~Chapter 4 - Study Time ~


I’m so sorry that I haven’t written much lately! It’s been over a month since my last post, but then again, I have been spending my time studying or writing essays, and I figured I should wait to write again until I actually had pictures to share!

Yep, lots of studying, reading, and filling in time-gaps with hot chocolate and coloring! It’s still quite cold (ish) outside, especially in the evenings so I’ve been spending free time inside, either in my room, the study room or the games room. Can’t wait until warmer days!

A few days ago, I went on an amazing field trip with my Solar System class! We basically started off by talking about telescopes, then waited until the sun set. Once it did, we went in a field with several telescopes of different strengths, and saw all kinds of planets and the moon! This picture was taken though one of the telescopes. It was so amazing! Plus, we were far enough in the middle of nowhere to see many more stars than I’ve ever seen in my life! 

One of the telescopes was even strong enough to see Saturn! I was so amazed by it, this planet is so huge and so far away, that I was expecting to see a speck of light in the telescope - not the whole planet with the rings! I still can’t get over this picture!!

On Mondays I have an hour off between a lecture and a lab practical - I usually use that as reading time, and if it’s sunny, I love going to this little bay area right outside our campus! 

A few days ago, my friends and I borrowed some  bikes to go to the city park to watch the sunset! It really looked amazing, the pictures can’t really compare to the real colors! 

Ok well the formatting for this page keeps messing up for some reason. 

On the day before my birthday, the campus where I live organized a Fairytale Ball! It was so amazing! We had super nice food, all of the decorations were white and purple, and there were little fairy lights everywhere! There were performances and a ton of pictures were taken. The music was also great, and, at midnight, my friends took a microphone and sang happy birthday to me infront of everyone! It was so crazy! 

And now, it’s spring break. Many people went on a road trip, but, since a few friends and I were unable to join, we took the bus to Freemantle (again), since this time it wasn’t raining! It was super worth it - the sea here is amazing! In fact, I might just go to the beach today for the sunset, haven’t done that yet! :) 

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